Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Doing more than your ordinary routine

Romanian Brothers, Ages Seven and Five, Are Unbelievably Strong
Written by: Max Thompson

Meet Giuliano and Claudi Stroe, two little dudes that certainly have an argument as the world's strongest seven- and five-year old, respectively.
They live in Galati, Romania, about three hours from Bucharest, and what one can only assume are the country's finest gyms. No matter, as the Stroe brothers know how to get work done. They'll put your morning routine to shame. They don't come more adorable than this duo, and this duo thinks your total number of chin-up repetitions is cute, at best. Prepare to be shamed by little boys.

While you started your workout program two months ago, these guys started at two years old, and follow their father, Lulian's, weight routine for two hours each morning. The two are incredibly strong, with Giuliano holding the world record for 90-degree vertical push-ups and the human flag.
Whether it's normal or healthy for their father to be putting them through the routines is another debate entirely, especially when he apparently admits he hopes his sons become stars.
But it's still amazing to marvel at what they're capable of accomplishing.

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